Five Element Divinity – Ancient ways to adore the five elements- Constitution of the Universe.

  • Earth : Bones, Flesh, Skin, Pores, Nails
  • Water : Blood, Saliva, Prespiration, Urine, Semen
  • Fire : Hunger, Thirst, Laziness, Sleep, Yawning
  • Air : Speech, Hearing, Force, Contraction, Expansion
  • Sky : Appearance, Juice, Smell, Touch

The Whole universe is present inside every human body. These five elements of the universe (panch tatva) are eternal – they can neither be created, nor destroyed – they only get recycled in the continuous process of the life and death of a human being.


Mansarovar, the lake of tears: This sacred lake is the water source where devotees take a dip, to make their wishes come true, especially on Full Moon Night (Puranmashi) and various festivals. The legend is that it was originally created by the tears that flowed down the cheeks of Radha in the pangs of separation of Her Beloved.

Vrinda Eco Garden is blessed to be in vicinity of Radha Rani Mansarover & Devraha Baba Samadhi to have such an ancient, devotional, pious place around and will continuously work for its upkeep and development.