About Us

Vrinda Eco Garden Ltd. initiated by a group of professionals engaged in consolidation and development of land since last 25 years. In the meantime the group has acquired large land parcels alongside Yamuna expressway.

Besides the promoters/developers are actively engaged in various social, religious and environmental activities which are motivating them to create happy and harmonious living environment and incorporate the essence of spirituality, wellness and eco-friendly living.

The distintive minds carrying this unique aspiration are accomplished in their respective fields, they live their vision to deliver a nourishing experience towards restoring the balance between body, mind and soul. Vrinda Eco Garden Ltd. is committed to deliver eco-friendly environment based on the theme of

3Hl Happiness l Health l Heritage.


Our Vision

  • To craft a peaceful and passive ambiance with ethnic wisdom
  • To inspire sustainable eco-living where man and the environment can live symbiotically once again in the land of LORD KRISHNA
  • To contribute harmonious eco-friendly environment full of positive energy 
  • To create a spiritual environment
  • To reward oneself the experience and knowledge of elders to uplift their surroundings 
  • To adopt and revive ancient healing and wellness practice  
  • To provide pure and healthy food products for the community
  • To revive the ancient health and spiritual way of life.
  • To eradicate malnutrition and illiteracy around the premises of Vrinda Eco Garden